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November 9th, 2013


10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm


Aviary Offices 243 W30th St FL. 10 New York, NY 10001

This is not a hackathon or a competition; it is a rare chance to meet the community behind The StartupBus, to network with other people interested in startups, and to share knowledge, get advice, and learn from the experiences of others.

Accelerate is an industry networking event and unconference all rolled into one. The event will feature fast-paced presentations from StartupBus alum and group discussions on topics decided up on by participants. Topics may include, but not limited to: crafting a pitch, finding investors, business models, co-founder dynamics, revenue generation, and more.

Confirmed presentations from StartupBus alum:

How to Craft a Startup Email Pitch. - Erica Swallow

Pitching your startup to journalists seems daunting, but really it's just a matter of connecting with the human on the other side of the inbox. In this session, StartupBus alum Erica Swallow will teach your the three-sentence email pitch that captures everything a journalist needs to know about covering your startup. You'll leave with a formula for pitching success and a new attitude on how to approach reporters.

Do cool stuff. Tell people about it. - Brian Fountain

How do you increase your chances for success? How do you get the job you have always wanted? How do you find the right people to help you take your project to the next level. The answer might surprise you (unless you've read the title).

Hackathon Hacking Strategies - Marianne Bellotti

Getting a minimum viable product done in a matter of days is tricky. Hackathon veteran and StartupBus alum Marianne Bellotti discusses strategies for producing demo-able code as fast as possible.

The Turning Point - talk by Mike Caprio

'Kairos' is the ancient Greek word for "the right time or opportune moment; a moment of indeterminate time in which something special occurs". Mike will give a brief talk about several moments of truth in his life and ruminate on what happens at the intersection of motivation, skill, determination, and plain old dumb luck.

Career advice from The Vikings - David Kay

The drawbridge is raised. The chasm is deep. How are you ever going to make it inside the castle? It may have been a while since you've needed to break in to an ACTUAL castle, but we face this exact situation every time we make a big career change or move our business into a new industry. In this talk, we'll mix metaphors and learn how to leap like a viking.

And more...


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Who's Attending

Startupbus attracts the best and brightest in New York Tech

Cemre hails from Turkey and Finland and moved to Brooklyn in 2009 to study in NYU's Experimental Media graduate program. He stumbled into the startup community after participating in the StartupBus competition, building a medical tourism aggregator while on a moving bus to SxSW. After interning for Etsy as a Product Designer, he founded Branch with Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal in 2011. Branch has raised a seed investment from the Obvious Corporation (makers of Twitter) and is currently a team of 10 working out of Gramercy Park in New York City.

Mike Caprio lives in Williamsburg and works as a software engineer at a major Internet company. In his spare time he is a community leader among the StartupBus alumni in NYC, is a mentor and local organizer for hackathons (in 2013, the Condé Nast Fashion Hackathon and the 11,000+ participant NASA International Space Apps Challenge), aids news organizations with data journalism expertise, and frequently lends his skills and talents to people in need all over the world.

Nate Cooper is an Adjunct Faculty member at the School for Visual Arts. He is founder of Simple Labs, a boutique web and social consultancy with a focus on client education. Through his company he has provided corporate training seminars to TIME Inc, NBC Universal and GAP Inc. He’s a regular writer on the topic of entrepreneurship for Contently.com and his writing has appeared in Mashable. He has been blogging on natecooper.net since 2005. He regularly teaches WordPress, social media and blogging both online and offline for Mediabistro, General Assembly, 3rdWard & Noble Desktop. Nate cofounded the Reboot Workshop in 2011.

Shane Reustle is a globetrotting software developer working at Nestio. He spends most of his time writing code and riding motorcycles. He recently returned from a 3 month backpacking trip through Germany, Denmark and Norway. He has co-organized numerous tech conferences and is working on his next which is BBQ themed.

Brian has over a decade of experience in marketing and advertising in the digital space. His expertise is in the field of transmedia marketing, designing experiences that transpire across multiple platforms, including: mobile, web and live events. He is an award winning game designer and software developer. Past clients have involved brands such as Motorola, Fiat, BMW and many others.

Austen Ito is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and is a Software Engineer at KitchenSurfing. He also is a co-founder of HI Capacity, the Honolulu Makerspace, and a lead instructor at CodeNow. In his free time, he cheers religiously for the Atlanta Braves, searches for his next hackathon, and perfects his guilty pleasure music playlists.

Erica Swallow is an entrepreneur, MIT Sloan student, international speaker, and journalist focused on the worlds of technology, travel, wine, and collaborative consumption. She is passionate about using technology to create real-world connections among people and things. Erica’s work has been published in a number of esteemed publications, including Mashable, CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Business Insider, American Express OPEN Forum, and Pursuitist.

Sara Petry recently joined General Assembly as Product Manager for Online Courses. She has a masters degree in edtech & has worked as a designer and developer over the years. Years of work in startups ultimately led to using all of this experience to work on a team on NYC's 2013 StartupBus.

Alice is the Director of Community and Events at the New York Technology Council and lead producer of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge in NYC. She enjoys volunteer work, photography, and organizing events that bring communities together.

Jon Gottfried is a Developer Evangelist at Twilio, co-founder of the Hacker Union, and National Director of the StartupBus. He works with amazing developers and startups every day to help them bring their ideas to fruition and spread them to the world.

Jacek is the Co-Founder of Exversion a data startup formed on the 2013 Startup Bus, previously he was CMO at Vizzuality makers of the popular mapping platform CartoDB. He is also involved with SWARM a creative collective here in NYC. He likes to make documentary films whenever he has free time, of which he currently has none.

Marianne is CTO of Exversion, a company founded on last year's StartupBus. Prior to that she worked as a Prototype Engineer and Developer Evangelist for Basic6 and Temboo. In her spare time she helps organize and mentor at Hacker Hours, while working on starting up a NYC programming specific hackerspace. A veteran of the hackathon scene, hacking data is her most favorite thing ever.

Tatiana is a sales and business development professional. Looking to leave the corporate America, she stays active with the NY startup and tech community through hackathons, investor forums, and social events.

Matt Schaar is the co-founder of Brush Labs, a strategy consultancy focused on startups and nonprofits; and Swarm NYC, a digital design agency. Prior to that, Matt was a strategy consultant for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits at the Boston Consulting Group. He also worked as an engineer at the Boeing Company and Rolls-Royce PLC, focusing on technical engineering services and new product development strategies. Matt has an MBA, Master of Public Policy, and B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He loves a good plate of spaghetti carbonara, as it fuels his running addiction.

David Kay has heard that startups are all about failure. Over the last few years, he has clearly taken this to heart, as he has dropped out of college, spun his sports car into a tree, tried to make a living as a DJ, got a girl pregnant, quit Google after having a panic attack, got kicked out of a Y-combinator company, and nearly bankrupted himself and his company. Day-to-day, David is Founder & CEO of Gargoyle Software, where he gets to fail in a new way every day.


StartupBus alum are among the best and brightest in NYC tech!

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